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Faculty Mentor Activities

As a McNair Mentor, you will be involved in the following activities:

  • Serve as Mentors for Research Experience. Faculty will work in conjunction with the Director of the program to determine how many students they will sponsor and how often they will participate as sponsors. You may know of students that you would like to sponsor, or we can help match you with interested students.
  • Assist McNair Scholars in developing their Research Plans.
  • Share research in progress at McNair Workshops.
  • Assist student in reviewing/editing Research article and sign Research article Review form.
  • Work with McNair Scholars to identify, prepare for, and attend conferences.
  • Guide students to identify other resources (funding sources, internship opportunities, connections with other researchers and PhD program personnel) to help them with admittance into graduate school.

Our goal is to prepare Scholars so they have a strong graduate application package and will be successful as graduate students. Scholars are encouraged to apply to PhD programs all over the country, so they can find the best fit and match for their individual talents.